LSI’s roots, passion, and commitment to serving our customers are best illustrated by our ongoing involvement in community service and outreach projects. LSI’s values and culture are woven throughout the tapestry of the company beginning with the founder and executive team, and embodied by the entire LSI family. We have a passion for and feel a moral obligation to participate in community outreach and environmental stewardship.

LSI routinely donates time, materials, money and team-power to local and national charities, philanthropic foundations, schools, churches and non-profit organizations in an effort to help others. Giving back to our community is part of our DNA. Some of our recipients of our charitable outreach include the following organizations. LSI is committed to making a positive difference and supporting the various local communities in which we serve.


LSI Employee Assistance Fund (LEAF)

LSI has teamed up with the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT) to help eligible employees and/or their immediate families with emergency needs. CFMT is a a non-profit 503c charitable foundation that manages funds for many types of companies and individuals.Each year, LSI will be a major contributor to the Employee Assistance Fund.

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The reason for the plan is to help those who have been employed by LSI for at least 1 year in times of crisis. There is criteria that will determine how funds are awarded and on a voluntary basis, employees can donate to the fund to help fellow employees with emergency needs. LEAF covers any eligible employee who has experienced any of the following incidents in the last 60 days: NATURAL DISASTER, Damage to your home or essential belongings by flood, tornado, storms, or other severe weather, LIFE-THREATENING OR SERIOUS ILLNESS OR INJURY To the employee, partner, or eligible dependents, DEATH INCIDENTIncludes the death of the employee, partner, or eligible dependents, CATASTROPHIC OR EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES When a house fire, serious crime, or other reportable incident that could not be avoided occurs.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee manages the fund. They will handle and vet applications for assistance as well as decide who is awarded money and how much. All money that goes into to Fund is completely under the control of CFMT and is kept confidential. Funds contributed to LEAF can only be used to help LSI employees and their immediate families but funds cannot be returned to LSI or anyone donating to the Fund. All donations are tax deductible.LSI is like a family, a TRIBE of professionals all working each day to provide for their family at home and at the same time seek individual advancement, while helping build a successful company. LEAF is an effort for the company to give back to those who build LSI each day.For more information and access to the application for assistance visit: Send questions by email to: or call 615-321-4939 and ask for information about The LSI “LEAF” Fund.