Sub-Contractor Agreement

    Thank you for your interest in becoming an approved subcontractor for LSI. Completing this online application is the first step in the process. Please allow us 48-72 hours to complete our review and contact your references. We suggest notifying these individuals so they will be expecting our call. Their feedback is required and their cooperation will significantly expedite the process. If you have any questions, please contact our Human Resources department at

    Insurance Agent’s Contact Information

    As part of the qualification process, we will need to contact your insurance agent to request an insurance certificate (Form CG2010 11/85 or equivalent) naming LSI as an additional insured and providing blanket coverage for all jobsites that you will be working on. We will request that a copy be emailed and that an original also sent by the US Mail.

    Company Contacts

    This information is required and will be important moving forward. We have to know who to contact within your organization.

    Bidding and Estimating



    Business References

    Each of the following sections must be completed. All references will be checked, please notify those people whom you are providing so they will be expecting our call. This will help with the pre-qualification process.

    Customer Reference 1

    Customer Reference 2

    Business Licenses & Certifications

    Filetypes accepted: .pdf, .doc, .txt, .docx only. Size limit: 5mb

    Scope of Services

    Please only select the services that you self-perform. We generally do not allow our service partners to subcontract work.

    Terms & Conditions

    THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into between the “Subcontractor”, and Landscape Services, Inc. (LSI), with its corporate offices located at 204 River Hills Drive, Nashville, TN 37210 (the “Company”).

    WHEREAS, the Company is in the business of soliciting landscape maintenance, landscape, snow and ice clearing, and irrigation installation and services customers throughout the United States, and Subcontractor is in the business of landscape and construction services.

    WHEREAS, the Company desires to engage the services of Subcontractor to perform the services described in the attached Exhibit A for Company’s customers.

    NOW, THEREFORE, in exchange for mutual consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged by the parties, the parties agree as follows:

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